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COFFEE BREAK: Tertulia en imágenes

Washington Irving Center, US Embassy
El libro del café
Washington Irving Center, US Embassy
La tertulia
El libro del café


Coffee Break: Tertulia en Imágenes 

November 1994, Washington Irving Center,

US Embassy, Madrid


Collection of my works inspired by the world of coffee where themes related to coffee--conversation and gatherings, advertising, packaging, the very characteristics of coffee itself-- are elevated to absurd levels through word and image play. The exhibition draws on elements of both Spanish and American coffee cultures with a strong bilingual
and bicultural accent.


These are images that suggest but don't explain, insinuate, nod at a double entendre, observe and listen.  They welcome us into the world of the collector of sentences said, the story told, the everyday absurdity, that song remembered,
a memory...


Techniques: on paper, photography, volume

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