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Featured work (plat du jour)

For a noble cause, a noble product. Wine: the lifeblood that warms the hearts of humans and brings song to their lips. She gathers the foil coverings from prestigious bottles, kneads and shapes them, sewing them together to obtain marvelous matrices. These printing plates, Januses of metal and sweat, emeralds of blood and gold, parade with the majesty of royalty amidst the sensuality and strength of Roman matrons, their hands on the hips that have car-ried all the children of the Mediterranean. extract from SOS Sabir, Dominique Thireau

My amphorae take on human poses and personality. In ancient times, these universal vessels carried our most valued products, yet were discarded after use and many of them lie at the bottom of the sea. I use the imagery of the amphora as a call to recognize our common history of coming and going, of freely migrating and exchanging, and the precious value that each human being carries, from shore to shore. These unique prints are pulled from matrixes that I create by recycling elements from modern wine wrapping, thus recreating the ancient packaging with the modern.

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