Upcoming exhibition. Made in Spain: Weapons of Unwelcome

Media Release February 2016, Hot Springs, AR Artist Kristin DeGeorge presents her latest body of work entitled “Made in Spain: Weapons of Unwelcome.” This graphic and sculptural work she created in her beloved city of Madrid from 2011-2015 takes a bitterly critical stance against the European policies of unwelcome, namely the barbaric practice of erecting razor wire along its borders, and the plight of those who migrate. Instead of confronting this issue through blatant political imagery, DeGeorge transforms the wire and sharp metal into marks that sinew upward in fine black etched line and filmy aquatint techniques, subtle reminiscences of chainmail or lace that could clothe her warriors. W

Kristin DeGeorge: Transmissions by María Vela Zanetti

Things get so close to each other that they end up catching fire. This ignition born of proximity is what we live for. --Elías Canetti I was searching my weary head for a spark to ignite a process of engaged affection and complicity, without which I could not write about Kristin DeGeorge--an artist who exhibits, in truth, her heart and her words, her entire life. I found this quote from a seasoned writer that instantly brought everything into focus. I met Kristin over two years ago when she translated one of my extremely long poems from Spanish into English. I was amazed and grateful for her radiant ability, almost supernatural, to embody my own voice, to delve into mysteries that I had not

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