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Upcoming exhibition. Made in Spain: Weapons of Unwelcome

Media Release

February 2016, Hot Springs, AR

Artist Kristin DeGeorge presents her latest body of work entitled “Made in Spain: Weapons of Unwelcome.” This graphic and sculptural work she created in her beloved city of Madrid from 2011-2015 takes a bitterly critical stance against the European policies of unwelcome, namely the barbaric practice of erecting razor wire along its borders, and the plight of those who migrate.

Instead of confronting this issue through blatant political imagery, DeGeorge transforms the wire and sharp metal into marks that sinew upward in fine black etched line and filmy aquatint techniques, subtle reminiscences of chainmail or lace that could clothe her warriors. Weapons of unwelcome, such as razor wire, inspire intricate and delicate, yet powerful drawings.

Not only are we regaled with exquisite intaglio prints, we are invited to walk through a sensory installation of transparent Exo-types. DeGeorge’s proud show-and-tell of recycled cereal bag prints and resins steps out of the realm of printmaking and into the 3-D. Designed for a 19th century prison cell turned gallery space in Segovia, Spain, and especially adapted to this beautiful windowed gallery at ASU, the piece speaks of migration, correspondence from afar and the constant crossing of borders. The mixed media piece “Ventana Isabelina” compares the expulsion policies of the Catholic kings Ferdinand and Isabella to Spain’s expulsion and incarceration policies for migrants today.

Kristin DeGeorge lives and works between Hot Springs, AR, Madrid, Spain and Montpellier, France. Public collections include the National Library of Spain and the U.S. Embassy in Madrid.

The exhibition can be seen at the Walter England Gallery, ASU Beebe campus, from February 29 - March 31, 2016. Opening Reception and Gallery Talk: March 4 at 12:30 pm.

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